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Snow Plow Destroying Mailbox

Need help with with snowplows destroying your mailboxes in Traverse City? Well I have found a solution to this problem. I live on 8th street in Traverse City Michigan and the plow trucks have knocked my mailbox off several times. It has been a long battle this year for me but I have found a solution that I think I am going try out. It is ” The MailSwing.”

The MailSwing a is snowplow and vandal resistant swing-away mailbox arm designed for use on residential mailboxes.

• Swings 360° returning to center – No resetting

• Helps to protects your mailbox from snowplow damage

• Eliminates shoveling snow buried mailboxes

• Helps prevent vandalism to your residential rural mailbox

• Adjusts easily to your mail carrier’s vehicle

2 Responses to “Snow Plow Destroying Mailbox”

  1. Todd says:

    Sweet. Now I don’t have to battle the snow plows every year.

  2. SnowPlow says:

    Need someone to plow your driveway? Call Kevin. This is what He does during the winter in Traverse City. You can find His number on

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