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Archive for March, 2010

Charter Cable Freezes During MSU and Tennessee NCAA Basketball Elite Eight

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Charter Cable in Traverse City Michigan  located on 701 S Airport Road West Traverse City, MI 49686-4877 – (231) 995-8372  froze up with 11 seconds to go during the Michigan State and Tennessee NCAA Basketball Game on Sunday night March 28th 2010.

How Pissed Was I

I am a huge State fan and when State was tied with Tennessee for a bid to the final four at 69pts a piece my television suddenly froze up. I thought it might be a bad connection or some camera guy  at the game forgot to change His battery, but t no, it was Charter Cable. So Pissed!  I didn’t know what happened in the game until I called my brother who has the Dish Network.   He told me that MSU had won the game by one point.  The station CBS ( channel 10) continued to be frozen for over an hour. I tried calling Charter, but it just sent me to an automated teller who said” all lines are busy.”  I can not believe that they could not fix it quickly.  Why didn’t they have somebody working for them that would monitor this type of malfunction?  It is a huge game, with expensive commercials and a huge audience.  Needless to say, they suck now in my mind.  I’m switching to the Dish!