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58 Responses to “Welcome to the Traverse City Blog”

  1. honest says:

    TheAmir speaks the truth. Good luck selling your house . Prices
    are on the rise, why wait to pay off to sell ?
    I’ve noticed the same thing about people here. I don’t
    agree about the corks, but there is something strange
    about the people here. I call it a naive arrogance. They
    think they are superior because they live in a place
    where low class douchebags with some cash vacation.
    they think because these nouveau riche come here it
    reflects well on the people who live here. NOT ! They
    come for the water, not the hillbillies with the attitude !
    It’s a shabby town full of clueless hicks who love this
    place ’cause they know no better. They think they are better
    because the town is better than the even worse armpits that
    surround it. What they don’t realise is that the city has
    a few more amenities, but even though they make fun
    of Mancelona here, the people are pretty much the same.
    LOL !

  2. gaytraversecity says:

    @TheAmir & SSijjvra

    I felt your pain. I know exactly what you mean. The people aree rude in Tragic City! Tourists that come for same exact event each summer, Cherry Festival. LAME! Why don’t you come up with different events instead of having the same event each summer. There were no good restaurants when I went to college there. Betting probably still there isn’t in a crummy town like this! I agree with Ssijjvra. This city has ruined the beautiful lake shore with stupid hotels and fast food joints. It’s disgusting! “The homeless down town, but they’ll try to cover that up. Can’t have anything “ugly” in “beautiful” TC, right?” Bunch of hypocrites!

    Why don’t you go f*&k yourself! Just because you aren’t the only one who disagrees with me. Uh actually it’s quite the opposite. Life in a big city is a thriller! Except Detroit where it’s shitty! I do blame race so don’t tell me what not to blame you dick! Seriously there’s mostly Caucasians in this city. Is this a racially bigot city?

    Also, by north you’re referring to below the bridge? That’s what cracks me up about trolls living below the bridge. That’s not up north. “Up North” is above the Mackinac Bridge. Don’t even get me started on this whole “northern michigan” battle either!

    Looks I’ve started a revolt against this city! Speak up for those who have been wanting to against this city! :)

  3. Just Moved Here says:

    My wife is from Farwell. We are in our early 40′s. I am from South Florida and very familiar with living in large cities. You call this traffic? lol

    That said, I see the rudeness here too. South Florida is a very transient, tourist area. There is a lot of competition in the service industry. Therefore, there is very little tolerance from employers for poor customer service. So, when you go out, you are usually treated pretty well. I have been in customer service my whole life. Since the bar is really set higher in South Florida, at work people try harder to please the general public. This is extremely difficult. People treat people in the service industry like lower class servants, even if they are in the service industry too! I believe TC is still a young tourist town and has a lot of opportunity to grow emotionally and physically.

    We moved here to raise a family and definitely do not regret it. It’s like we stepped into a time machine and were transported to 1976. Kids play outside with each other! The schools can use some upgrading. Its too bad the bond proposal did not pass. However, the teachers we have encountered are phenomenal. There is soooo much to do outdoors here, and it doesn’t take a lot of money to do them. There is not enough free time to do everything.

    Jobs do not seem to pay as much as elsewhere, but the cost of living is much lower. Homeowners insurance and property taxes are much lower than S FL.

    If you are thinking of moving here, I would (I did). Just don’t tell everyone how nice it is. It’s getting crowded.

  4. it does not matter says:

    @ gaytraversecity: All of your hate, all of your misguided hate is a reminder to me and anyone else that calls Traverse City home of just how much we love it here. CLEARLY you do not love Traverse City and that is okay, you are free to voice your opinion. As for the lack of diversity and night life that is common for an area like Traverse City. And as for starting a revolt against Traverse City I really do not know what to say to something like that. When i read your posts it makes me sad, sad that there is so much hate in your life. I hope that no matter where you go in life you find happiness but please stop bashing an area that many people know and love. Because no place is perfect and no one is perfect as well. Thank you and have a nice day :D

  5. honest says:

    @gaytraversecity….it’s okay to hate T.C. ( I do ! )
    do your time here and escape ASAP ! The people who
    love TC just have a different perspective, whether
    accurate or not is just opinion. Focusing on how dismal,
    unsophisticated and lacking that it is only brings yourself
    down. Trying to make these disillusioned morons realize
    what it really is, is like saying ‘ yo mamma’ to them.
    let the have this shit-hole and go where your heart takes you
    as soon as you can manage. The anger from being where
    you care not for is eating you up. You have the future
    to look forward to and you are not alone in your dislike of
    this place brother…but let them have their world and create
    your own. Be glad for them, that they have a place they like
    and work on making your world…starting with you.
    Be the change you wish to see. it’s not easy, sometimes
    chemical science is needed to stop hating and to re-evaluate.
    T.C. got me so down, I started meds just so I can survive
    while I have to live here. It does suck for those who don’t
    like it here.

  6. Hello readers of the traverse city blog, we want to welcome every one to come in and enjoy one of our flagship ales. We are located at 511 S Union St, so come on in and check us out!

  7. Jim says:

    There are no fucking jobs here. I have been applying for a year and a half, been on interviews kissing ass. I have a Masters degree, decades of experience. What a bunch of stupid fucking employers and Michigan Works! is a fucking joke. If you are looking for work, don’t bother. Pure Michigan is Pure HELL. FUCK YOU TRAVERSE CITY!

  8. Ktblue says:

    Although I love TC, I find that I stick to the beaches and other outdoor activities. I avoid TC businesses and restaurants not because they do not sell quality items or delicious food, but because staff and servers are extremely rude to visitors. I am a friendly and jovial person and about 75-80% of my experiences at TC businesses have not been pleasant. It’s too bad because I look only to enjoy myself when traveling; and to experience all the best that a city/town has to offer. The one eatery that I will frequent is The Dish Cafe. TC business owners: please consider a philosophy of customer service and kindness!

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